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2019 Winners Announced
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August 28, 2019.

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News: Awards for Excellence in Business Transformation


In 2019 WfMC declared successful conclusion with respect to the frameworks, standards and languages in the workflow and business process space.

The WfMC acknowledges deep appreciation to the members worldwide who generously devoted their time, knowledge and expertise in developing these critical standards.

 Its pioneering work complete, the WfMC is now accordingly disbanded. All WfMC-supported awards are now closed.



WfMC Announces Awards for Excellence in Business Transformation

The WfMC has consolidated several long-running awards programs under the umbrella of Business Transformation in keeping with the rapid progress of associated supporting technologies in this business arena.


This includes the existing major categories of Business Process Management (BPM) and Adaptive Case Management / Knowledge Work (ACM) and creates a new program for Personality of the Year.


Business Transformation Personality Awards of the Year is a new category, recognizing individual excellence and expanding on the existing Marvin L. Manheim Award for Significant Contributions in the Field of Workflow.

Business Transformation (BT) aligns people, organizational processes and technology initiatives of a company with its business strategy and vision with the aim of achieving significant competitive advantages. Winners of WfMC’s BPM and ACM Awards demonstrate these principles.

More companies are turning to the overall concept of business transformation and adopting it as an integral part of management in line with integrated offerings and BT suites from technology providers.

The BT Awards program invites entries about successful customer case studies. These awards are designed to highlight and showcase the best examples of technology and business practice to support business transformation.


There are three major categories:
1. Adaptive Case Management / Knowledge Work
2. Business Process Management / Workflow
3. BT Personality of the Year


The WfMC, founded in August 1993, is a non-profit, international organization of workflow vendors, users, analysts and university/research groups. The Coalition's mission is to promote and develop the use of BPM and workflow through the establishment of standards for software terminology, interoperability and connectivity between workflow products. Comprising over 300 members worldwide, the Coalition is the only standards body for this specific business process software market. The creation of the WfMC Standards Reference Model has proved its importance in other areas of technology, most notably the ISO Seven Layer reference model for computer communications.





Deadlines from existing awards from been re-aligned to early December announcement of winners ...

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Each major Award category maintains the rules, criteria and structure of previous years.

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